Lee County, Florida Marriages 1887-1924

Published by the Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc.


Project Summary

Lee County, Florida Marriages 1887-1924, published by the Lee County Genealogical Society in 1992, abstracts records found in the Lee County Courthouse. It includes names of the bride and groom, their residences, marriage date, witnesses, the presiding official, and the book and page number of the original record. This book is currently out of print.

Lee County was formed in May 1887 from a portion of Monroe County. Some records were moved to Fort Myers while others may still be found in Key West.

All original records reviewed were hand scribed making in some cases legibility a problem. No attempt has been made to correct spelling or other errors in transposing from the original document. When in doubt a (?) was entered behind the item in question. Every reasonable effort was made to be as accurate as possible. The Lee County Genealogical Society does not assume responsibility for errors in this publication and/or those found in the original documents.


  • Carl Asbury
  • Esther Hinthorne
  • Jean Burr
  • Shirley Ouellette
  • Betty Pepe
  • Marguerite Schneider
  • Marianne Krachek
  • John Lemons
  • Ruth Flesher Robb
  • Gwenn Gelesko
  • Marie Boisvert
  • Martha Pomeroy
  • Helen Farrell
  • Louise Egan
  • William Luken
  • Earl Gates


You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print all pages of our Marriage Book. If you do not have the Acrobat reader on your computer, it can be downloaded free by clicking here.

Abbreviations used

C.J. County Justice Pr. Priest
J.P. Justice of the Peace Cig. Clergyman
M.G. Minister of Gospel Rct. Rector
Min. Minister Rev Reverend
N.P. Notary Public (Col.) Colored
O.M. Ordained Minister S.J. Society of Jesus