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Records: 301 to 350 of 3299
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  286.73 CRY Anabaptist Chronology, c2001. Cryer, Richard (publisher)
View Record  929.2 DAVIS Ancestors and Kin: Davis, Hicks, Kennedy, c2016 Davis, Mary Kennedy Reynolds.
View Record  929.2 BLACKWELL Ancestors of Hugh Guthrie Blackwell, n.c.d. Blackwell, Janet Averil Moore Blackwell (compiler).
View Record  929.2 CORNELIUS Ancestors of Lin Cornelius, n.c.d.
View Record  929.2 CLOVIS Ancestral Line of Clovis, King of the Franks Through Charlemagne, n.c.d.
View Record  929.1072 ANCESTRAL Ancestral Quest, Version 14.0 Genealogy Software for Windows User’s Guide, c1994-2013.
View Record  930 BREASTED Ancient Times: A History of the Early World, 2nd edition, c1935. Breasted, James Henry
View Record  929.3769 PERRIN and Develeopment of the Virginia Colony; Its expansion Westward, and the Settlement of the Frontier Beyond the Alleghanies; the Erection of Kentucky as an Independent States, and Its Subsequent Development. 8th Edition. c1888. Perrin, W.H.
View Record  978.755 HUYLER And That’s the Way it Was in Jackson’s Hole, c2000, 2003. Huyler, Jack.
View Record  975.591 WADDELL Annals of Augusta County, Virginia from 1726-1871, 2nd edition, c 1902. Waddell, Jos. A
View Record  975.7 O’NEALL Annals of Newberry in Two Parts (complete in one volume), c 1892. O’Neall, John Belton (Part First) and Chapman, John A. (Part Second)
View Record  282.025 ANNUAIRE 1990 Annuaire de l’Englise Catholique au Canada (Canadian Catholic Church Directory), c1990.
View Record  929.2 ANSPACH Anspach Genealogy, Pt. I (Anspach to Bernds and Ryan), c2000; and Pt. II (Leffler to Anspach), c2000. Goyke, Josephine Ryan and Jacqueline Harvey Ryan (compilers).
View Record  973.7336 TILBERG Antietam National Battlefield Site, Maryland, c1960, rev. 1961. Tilberg, Frederick.
View Record  929.3089 BOWEN v.04 Applications for Enrollment of Creek Newborn: Act of 1905., c2011, v.04. Bowen, Jeff. (Transcriber)
View Record  929.3089 BOWEN v.05 Applications for Enrollment of Creek Newborn: Act of 1905., c2011, v.05 Bowen, Jeff. (Transcriber)
View Record  975.9004 BOWEN vol.01 Applications for Enrollment of Seminole Newborn (Act of 1905), 2v., c2012. Bowen, Jeff (transcriber)
View Record  975.9004 BOWEN vol.02 Applications for Enrollment of Seminole Newborn (Act of 1905), 2v., c2012. Bowen, Jeff (transcriber)
View Record  929.3755 GIL Apprentices of Virginia 1623-1800., c1989. Gill, Harold B.
View Record  929.2 HARRY Aristocratic and Royal Ancestors of Jane Harry, c1991. Tucker, Leslie Ray.
View Record  929.6 MASSICOT Armorial du Canada Francais, c1916. Massicotte, E. T. and Regis Roy.
View Record  929.6 REITSTAP Armorial General Precede D’un. Dictionnaire des Termes du Blason, Tomes I and II, c1884. Reitstap, J. B.
View Record  929.2 ARMSBURY Armsbury Hart and Swinehart Scott Family History Information, n.c.d.
View Record  977.324 THOMPSON Around the Arboretum, c1981. Thompson, Richard A. (compiler).
View Record  975.962 HALL Around the Palma Sola Loop (Manatee & Sarasota County Region)., 1986. Hall, Fred
View Record  974.937 THAYER As We Were: The Story of Old Elizabethtown, c1964. Thayer, Theodore
View Record  780.922 AMERICAN ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Biographical Dictionary, 4th edition, c1980.
View Record  929.3771 ASHLAND Ashland County, Ohio Marriage Records, v.3, March 1860-February 1870, c1930. Lee, Sue Dunlap and Rita Bone Kopp (compilers).
View Record  929.3747 ASSESS Assessment list for New York’s Oblong Lots, 1761: Lands Ceded from Connecticut in 1731, extracted from Connecticut Ancestry, n.c.d. Jessup, Harlan R. (compiler).
View Record  977.381 ASSUMPTION Assumption Century of Progress, Assumption, Illinois, c1953.
View Record  929.3772 ATLAS Atlas and Directory of Rush County, Indiana: Historical, Educational, Biographical, and Miscellaneous., c1908.
View Record  912.772 BOOKMARK Atlas Decatur County, Indiana 1882., c1976. Beers, J.H. Co.
View Record  929.3773 ANDREAS Atlas Map of Knox County, Illinois., c1870. Andreas, A.T.
View Record  929.3769 D.J. Atlas of Bath & Fleming Cos Kentucky., c1884 Lake, D.J.
View Record  929.3771 LATHROP Atlas of Belmont County, Ohio, c1888. Lathrop, J. M. and H. C. Penny (surveyors).
View Record  912.759 ATLAS Atlas of Florida Containing Sectional Maps of Each county Compiled From the Latest Reliable Data of 1926, n.c.d.
View Record  929.3 ATLAS Atlas of German Migration and America, c2002. Eldridge, Carrie.
View Record  304.809 ATLAS Atlas of Human Migration, c2007. King, Russell (Editor-in-Chief).
View Record  929.3772 J.H. Atlas of Rush County, Indiana., c1879 Beers, J.H.
View Record  911.47 GILBERT Atlas of Russian History, c1993. Gilbert, Martin
View Record  941.5081 ATLAS OF Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, c2012. Crowley, John et al (editors).
View Record  940.302 GIL Atlas of World War I, 2nd edition, c1994. Gilbert, Martin.
View Record  929.3761 AUBURN Auburn University Alumni Directory, c2004.
View Record  929.3755 VOGT Augusta County Marriages 1748-1850, c1986 Vogt, John & T. William Kethley Jr.
View Record  929.3755 CREEL Augusta County, Virginia Court Orders 1774-1785, c2010. Creel, Bevin J.
View Record  972.96 BARRATT Bahama Saga: The Epic Story of the Bahama Islands, c2003. Barratt, Peter.
View Record  378.198 BAI Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities. 20th Edition., c1991. Baird, William Raimond
View Record  929.3752 BALTIMORE Baltimore County, Maryland, Tax List, 1699-1706 ., c1964. Clark, Raymond B. and Sara Seth Clark (Compilers)
View Record  929.3752 OBERT Baltimore, Maryland, City and County Marriage Licenses, 1777-1799., c1975. Obert, Rowene T.
View Record  975.25 BEIRNE Baltimore: A Picture History 1858-1958, c1957. Beirne, Francis F. (commentator).
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Records: 301 to 350 of 3299