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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  940.53 MILLER Fading Voices and Haunting Memories from the World War II Era, c2003. Miller, Gloria.
View Record  973.737 LOD Far, Far, From Home: 9th Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army, c1999. Loderhose, Gary
View Record  973.3455 RUSSELL Fauquier County in the Revolution, c1976. Russell, T. Triplett and John K. Gott
View Record  973.7 BEC Fayette County, West Virginia and the War Between the States, c1986. Beckelheimer, Christine
View Record  973.57 WAL Fearless and Free: The Seminole Indian War 1835-1842, c1977. Walton, George.
View Record  973.7 FIE Field Grade Officers: Confederate States Army, 1861-1865. Special Archives Publication Number #139., c1990. Florida Department of Military Affairs
View Record  355.009 KEE Fields of Battle: The Wars for North America, c1995. Keegan, John.
View Record  940.5449 TOL Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe, c1977 Toliver, Raymond F.
View Record  973.7301 ALE Fighting for the Confederacy: Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander., c1989. Alexander, Edward Porter (General).
View Record  940.412 LAW Fighting Soldier: The AEF in 1918, c1985. Lawrence, Joseph Douglas
View Record  973.7 HER Finding Your Civil War Ancestors., c1997. Heritage Quest Magazine
View Record  940.5409 GAW Finding Your Father's War: Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II US Army., c2006. Gawne, Jonathan
View Record  973.757 CAM Fire and Thunder Campbell, R. Thomas
View Record  973.7 FLO Florida Confederate Pension Application Files Index., n.c.d. State Library of Florida
View Record  973.7 FRI Florida in the Civil War: A State in Turmoil., c2001. Friend, Sandra
View Record  929.2 KNO Florida Knoblocks in the Civil War., c1989. Shields, David G.
View Record  929.3759 FLO Florida National Guard Mobilization and Fatal Casualty Lists, 1940-1945., n.c.d. Florida Department of Military Affairs
View Record  929.3759 FLO Florida Selected Military Records, extracted from South Florida Pioneers, n.c.d.
View Record  929.3759 FLO Florida Selected Military Records, extracted from The Florida Genealogist, n.c.d.
View Record  973.7 ROB Florida Soldiers Buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee., c1990. Roberts, Nancy C. & Anthony Hodges
View Record  929.3759 COL Florida Territorial Militia., c1989. Coles, David J.
View Record  929.3759 SOL Florida, Board of State Institutions. Soldiers of Florida., c1983.
View Record  975.9 DOV v.01 Florida. 2.v., c1952.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Dovell, J.E.
View Record  975.9 DOV v.02 Florida. 2.v., c1952.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Dovell, J.E.
View Record  975.9 BAR Florida's frontier the way hit wuz., c1992. Barber, Mary Ida Bass
View Record  355.37 HAW Florida’s Army., c1986.
Note: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Hawk, Robert
View Record  940.5426 BIR Flying Buccaneers; The Illustrated Story of Kenney's 5th Air Force, c1977. Birdsall, Steve
View Record  940.544 FOR Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group, c1991. Ford, Daniel.
View Record  973.334 LOANE Following the Drum: Women at the Valley Forge Encampment, c2009. Loane, Nancy K.
View Record  929.3755 ALE Footnote on Deserters from the Virginia Forces During the American Revolution., c1947. Alexander, Arthur J.
View Record  973.34 FORGOTTEN Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War: A Guide to Service, Sources and Studies, c2008. Grundset, Eric (editor).
View Record  973.371 BURROWS Forgotten Patriots: The Untold Story of American Prisoners During the Revolutionary War, c2008. Burrows, Edwin G.
View Record  929.3758 DAV Forgotten Union Guerrillas of the North Georgia Mountains., c1998. Davis, Robert S.
View Record  973.3 TIL Fort Necessity., c1954. Tilberg, Frederick
View Record  973.2 LAT Fort Pulaski., c1954. Lattimore, Ralston B.
View Record  973.3 ZAL Founding Mothers., c1991. Zall, P.M.
View Record  973.738 RYAN Four Days in 1865: The Fall of Richmond, c1993. Ryan, David D.
View Record  929.3745 DELISLE Franco-American Civil War Veterans from the Woonsocket, Rhode Island Area, extracted from Je Me Souviens, n.c.d. Delisle, Paul P. (compiler).
View Record  929.3745 DELISLE Franco-American Veterans from Rhode Island in the Spanish-American War, extracted from Je Me Souviens, n.c.d. Delisle, Paul P. (compiler).
View Record  929.3771 FRANKLIN Franklin County, Ohio Original Surveys: Virginia Military District; and Miscellaneous Cemetery and Church Records, n.c.d.
View Record  973.5245 MALLICK Frederick County Militia in the War of 1812, c1992. Mallick, Sallie A. and F. Edward Wright.
View Record  929.3748 FRENCH French Forts in Pennsylvania: Baptisms and Burials 1753-1756, c1991. DeVille, Winston (translator and editor).
View Record  973.7455 HARDING French Harding Civil War Memoirs, c2000. Thacker, Victor (Editor).
View Record  929.3 DEVILLE French Troops in the Mississippi Valley and on the Gulf Coast 1745, c2003. De Ville, Winston.
View Record  929.3745 DELISLE French-Canadian Veterans of World War II from Rhode Island, extracted from Je Me Souviens, n.c.d. (Note: Shelved in the Rhode Island Section). Delisle, Paul P (compiler).
View Record  973.3 MARTINEZ From Across the Spanish Empire: Spanish Soldiers Who Helped Win the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783, c2015. Martinez, Leroy.
View Record  973.7115 TOBIN From Midnight to Dawn: The Last Tracks of the Underground Railroad, c2007. Tobin, Jacqueline and Hettie Jacobs
View Record  973.742 LAB From Selma to Appomattox: The History of the Jeff Davis Artillery., c1994. Laboda, Lawrence R.
View Record  951.904 MAI From the Hudson to the Yalu: West Point ’49 in the Korean War, c1993. Maihafer, Harry J.
View Record  973.33 FRONTIER Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio (v.03 of the Draper Series) c1912 Thwaites, Reuben Gold and Louise Phelps Kellogg.
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Records: 251 to 300 of 1215