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View Record  970.01 WIL Osage Indian Women During a Century of Change - 1870-1980., c1982. Wilson, Terry P.
View Record  929.375 POT Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823 (Indian, Spanish, & Other Land Passports for Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North & South Carolina)., c1982. Potter, Dorothy Williams
View Record  929.373 RES Researching Native American Ancestry, extracted from West Florida Footprints, n.c.d.
View Record  970.01 CON v.3 #2 Schools of the Five Civilized Tribes - compiled from Southern Magazine., v.3, #2., c1936. Conlan, Czarina C.
View Record  929.308 LAN Seminole Indians of Florida, 1850-1874., c1994. Lantz, Raymond C.
View Record  975.9 BOW Seminole of Florida: Indian Census 1930-1940 With Birth and Death Records 1930-1938., c2011. Bowen, Jeff.
View Record  929.3747 HAU Senecas & Subdividers: Resistance to Allotment of Indian Lands in New York, 1875-1906., c1977. Hauptman, Laurence M.
View Record  973.82 WEIBERT Sixty-six Years in Custer’s Shadow, c 1985. Weibert, Henry and Don Weibert.
View Record  970.01 LEN Southeast Indians Prior to Removal: An Introduction to Research & Resources., c1999. Lennon, Rachal M.
View Record  970.3 CRE Territory of the States of Georgia & Alabama, Creek Confederacy: Geographic Distributions & Movements, c1970. Bureau of American Ethnology
View Record  970.1 BRANDON The American Heritage Book of Indians, c1961. Brandon, William (narrator).
View Record  973 TEB The American Indian Wars., c1960. Tebbel, John & Keith Jennison
View Record  970.1 CAL The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities, c1995. Calloway, Colin G.
View Record  929.3758 SMITH The Cherokee Land Lottery, c1969. Smith, James F.
View Record  333.323 CAR The Dawes Commission, c1999. Carter, Kent
View Record  970.3 SILER The Eastern Cherokees: A Census of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia in 1851. Siler, David W.(compiler).
View Record  929.3766 MCADAM The First City Directory of Oklahoma City, Indian Territory, August 1889. McAdam, R.W. and S.E. Levi (compilers)
View Record  970.01 MOO The Five Great Nations: Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, & Seminoles., c1936. Moore, Jessie E.
View Record  973.82 PAI The General Custer Story: New Light on the Drama of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, c1996. Paine, Lauran
View Record  323.1 PRU The Great Father: The United States Government & The American Indians. 2v., 1984 Prucha, Francis Paul
View Record  970.1 WAS The Indian and the White Man., c1964. Washburn, Wilcomb. (editor)
View Record  970.1 SWA The Indian Tribes of North America., c1952. Swanton, John R.
View Record  970.3 MOONEY The Miami Indians, n.c.d. Mooney, James and Cyrus Thomas.
View Record  929.3755 BUS The Native Tribes of Virginia., n.c.d. Bushnell, David I. Jr.
View Record  970.4 CAP The Old West: The Indians, c1973. Capps, Benjamin.
View Record  970.5 DeROSIER The Removal of the Choctaw Indians., c1970. DeRosier, Arthur H. Jr.
View Record  970.3 COVINGTON The Seminoles of Florida, c1993. Covington, James W.
View Record  929.3747 SIX The Six Nations of New York: Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, Senecas, & Tuscaroras - The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin., c1995. Salvatore, Nick (editor-New York Historical Society)
View Record  970.4 COT The Southern Indians, c1954. Cotterill, R.S.
View Record  970.3 PEI The Unconquered Seminole Indians., c1957. Peithmann, Irvin M.
View Record  929.3755 MOR The Virginian Indian Trade to 1673., c1921. Morrison, A.J.
View Record  929.1089 LENNON Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes: Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal, c2002. Lennon, Rachal Mills.
View Record  929.1089 LENNON Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes: Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal, c2002. Lennon, Rachal Mills
View Record  970.3 EHL Trail of Tears: The Rise & Fall of the Cherokee Nation, c1988. Ehle, John
View Record  369.1 ORDER Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects, c2012. Busbee, Patricia and Trace A. Demeyer (editors).
View Record  978.82 TAY With Custer on the Little Big Horn., c1996. Taylor, William O.
View Record  978.02 RIL Women & Indians on the Frontier, 1825-1915, c1984. Riley, Glenda
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Records: 101 to 137 of 137