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View Record  929.3748 SEGRAVES A Guide to Pennsylvania Soldiers in the Mexican War, extracted from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, n.c.d. Segraves, Antoinette J.
View Record  941.9 SMITH A Guide to Tracing Your Clare Ancestors, c2013. Smith, Brian and Gerry Kennedy
View Record  929.3748 MORRIS A Guide to Using the Published Archives of Pennsylvania, 2nd ed., c2003. Morris, Jean S. (compiler).
View Record  627.1 ANTONINI A Historical Geography of Southwest Florida Waterways, v. 1, n.c.d. Antonini, Gustavo A., David A. Fann and Paul Roat.
View Record  974.79 DUNNIGAN A History and Guide to Old Fort Niagara, c1985. Dunnigan, Brian Leigh.
View Record  917.562 FRYAR A History Lover’s Guide to Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear, c2003. Fryar, Jack E., Jr.
View Record  974.813 JAMES A History of Birmingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, c1962. James, Arthur E.
View Record  378 McKNIGHT A History of Chowan College, c1964. McKnight, Edgar V. and Oscar Creech
View Record  974.61 STARR A History of Cornwall, Connecticut, Second edition, c1982. Starr, Edward C.
View Record  975.9 TEBEAU A History of Florida, c1971.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Tebeau, Charlton W.
View Record  929.3755 MORTON A History of Highland County, Virginia, c1972. Morton, Oren F.
View Record  929.3747 PELLETRE v.03 A History of Long Island from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, v.03, c1905. Pelletreau, William S.
View Record  977.148 MIAMI CO A History of Miami County, Ohio (1807-1953) c1953.
View Record  977.1 ROSEBLOOM A History of Ohio, 2nd edition, c1976. Rosebloom, Eugene H. and Francis P. Weisenburger.
View Record  975.5922 WAYLAND A History of Rockingham County, Virginia, c1912. Wayland, John W.
View Record  975.5 PAINTER A History of Shenandoah County and Its Courthouse, c1979. Painter, Fred P.
View Record  285.1748 FIRST PR A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Warren, Penna. for One Hundred Years 1822-1922, c2015.
View Record  929.3759 BOYD A History of the Supreme Court of Florida., c1983 Boyd, Joseph A.
View Record  975.4 KERCHEVAL A History of the Valley of Virginia, 2nd edition, c1833. (Originally Vol. 17 of the West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia) Kercheval, Samuel.
View Record  975.5 VIRGINIA A Hornbook of Virginia History, c1965.
View Record  623.441 OAK A Knight and His Weapons, 2nd edition, c1996. Oakeshott, Ewart.
View Record  929.2 HARRIS A Legend of Pharmacy: Loyd Ervin Harris, c2006 Reid, Lorene Harris (compiler)
View Record  929.342 BOYD A List of Parishes in Boyd’s Marriage Index, Sixth edition, c1987.
View Record  975.4 SMITH A Map Book of Historical Sites and Places in the Hacker’s Creek Watershed, c1988. Smith, Robert B. (artist and compiler).
View Record  610.14 JER A Medical Miscellany for Genealogists, c1995. Jerger, Jeanette L.
View Record  942.04 GIE A Medieval Family: The Pastons of Fifteenth-Century England, c1998. Gies, Frances and Joseph Gies.
View Record  640.9 MED A Medieval Home Companion: Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century, c1991. Bayard, Tania (translator/editor).
View Record  929.3771 MILITARY A Military History of Huron County, Ohio (Civil War), c1989. Ommert, Larry H. (compiler).
View Record  B Griffin A Mississippi Family: The Griffins of Magnolia Terrace, Griffin's Refuge, and Greenville, 1800-1950., c2009. Halloran, Mary H.
View Record  621.909 SLO A Museum of Early American Tools, c1964. Sloan, Eric.
View Record  929.3769 PICTORIA A Pictorial History of Bedford County, c1994.
View Record  977 HATCHER A Pictorial History of the Great Lakes, c1963. Hatcher, Harlan and Erich A. Walter.
View Record  975.918 PICTORIA A Pictorial History of West Volusia County 1870-1940, c1989. Dreggors, William J., Jr. and John Stephen Hess.
View Record  975.921 DREGGORS A Pictorial History of West Volusia County 1870-1940, c1989. Dreggors, William J., Jr. and John Stephen Hess.
View Record  975.999 FISCHER A Pictorial History: Settlements Along the Escambia-Conecuh River, c1993. Fischer, Jerry and Neal Collier (compiler and editor).
View Record  973 LAW A Primary History of the United States, c1905. Lawler, Thomas Bonaventure
View Record  977.324 SCOBEY A Random Review of West Chicago History: A Selected Collection of Articles About an Old Railroad Town’s Past, c1976. Scobey, Frank F
View Record  929.2 RUTAN A Second Rutan Family Index, c1997. Keegan, James J.
View Record  929.6 BUR A Selection of Arms Authorized by the Laws of Heraldry, c1971. Burke, Sir Bernard.
View Record  974.825 SCHNEIDER A Settlement Known as White Oak Run, c2003. Schneider, Mabel L.
View Record  A Settlement Known as White Oak Run, c2003. Schneider, Mabel L.
View Record  929.2 BANTA A Summary of Research on the Family Tree of Hendrick Banta III (Henry Banta, Senior), c1984. Frick, Franklin (compiler).
View Record  929.2 BANTA A Supplement to Banta Pioneers and Records of the Wives and Allied Families, c1983. Banta, Elsa M.
View Record  929.4 LONGVER A Surname Guide to Massachusetts Town Histories, c1993. Longver, Phyllis O. and Pauline J. Oesterlin.
View Record  929.2 RUTAN A Third Rutan Family Index, c2002. Keegan, James J.
View Record  973.04 FABER A Time for Planting: The First Migration: 1654-1820 – Jewish People in America., c1992. Faber, Eli.
View Record  914.2 LEWIS A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 2v, c1837. Lewis, Samuel.
View Record  951.9042 BER A Very Long Weekend: The Army National Guard in Korea 1950-1953, c1996. Berebitsky, William.
View Record  973.782 HOU A Very Violent Rebel: The Civil War Diary of Ellen Renshaw House, c1996. Sutherland, Daniel E. (editor).
View Record  973.62 GREENBERG A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U. S. Invasion of Mexico, c2012. Greenberg, Amy S.
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Records: 101 to 150 of 3299