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View Record  975.7915 EGE He Shall Go Out Free: The Lives of Denmark Vesey., c1999. Egerton, Douglas R.
View Record  929.1072 WILLIAMS Help Me to Find My People: The African American Search for Family Lost in Slavery, c2012. Williams, Heather Andrea.
View Record  920 LEE-SHETTERLY Hidden Figures: During World War II, America’s Fledgling Aeronautics Industry Hired Black Female Mathematicians – This is Their Untold Story., c2016 Lee-Shetterly, Margot.
View Record  973.315 SMITH Hope of Freedom: Southern Blacks and the American Revolution, c2015. Smith, Roger.
View Record  920 BER I Wouldn't Take Nothin For My Journey: Two Centuries of an Afro-American Ministers Family., c1981. (NOTE: Material Covers 6 Generations in Virginia and North Carolina. Shelved in the Virginia Collection). Berry, Leonidas H.
View Record  973.741 TRUDEAU Like Men of War: Black Troops in the Civil War 1862-1865, c1998. Trudeau, Noah Andre.
View Record  929.373 NAT List of Free Black Head of Families in the First Census of the United States., c1973. National Archives
View Record  929.3755 HIL List of Male Free Negroes - 1850 Westmorland County Personal Property Tax List., c1997. Hill, Margaret Lester
View Record  929.3755 HIL List of Male Free Persons of Color - 1850 Richmond County, Virginia., c1995. Hill, Margaret Lester
View Record  306.362 BER Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America., c1998. Berlin, Ira
View Record  305.38 GIB Negro Holocaust: Lynching and Race Riots in the U.S. (1880-1950). Internet resource, 2002. Gibson, Robert A.
View Record  929.3769 NELSON Nelson County, Kentucky African American Funeral Director Records, Bloomfield, 1919-1950, n.c.d.
View Record  974.7 PIE New Harlem: Past & Present., c1903. Pierce, Carol Horton
View Record  929.3763 NEW New Orleans, Louisiana Register of Free Colored Persons (1840-1864), extracted from Le Raconteur, n.c.d. Riffel, Judy (abstractor)
View Record  929.3756 BYRD North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color: Burke, Rowan and Lincoln Counties, c2008. Byrd, William L., III and John H, Smith
View Record  977.865 MOR North Webster: A Photographic History of a Black Community., c1993 Morris, Ann & Henrietta Ambrose
View Record  974.811 WIN Philadelphia's Black Elite., c1953. Winch, Julie
View Record  973.068 HAIT Records of the Slave Claims Commissions, 1864-1867 v.02: Register of Claims of the Kentucky Commission, c2010. Hait, Michael (transcriber).
View Record  305.896 REMEMBER Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Segregated South., c2001. Chafe, William H. (Editor)
View Record  929.3 TAY Researching African-American Genealogy in Alabama., c2008. Taylor, Franzie K.
View Record  973.7415 ROS v.2 Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865: United States Colored Troops v. 2 Joost, John to Zumwalt, Levi., c1997. Hewett, James B. (Editor)
View Record  973.7415 ROS v.1 Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865: United States Colored Troops v.1 Aanderson, Henry to Jonte, Peter., c1997. Hewett, James B. (Editor)
View Record  929.1089 STR Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide with Case Studies., c1986. Streets, David H.
View Record  929.2 MIL Slaves and Masters: The Louisiana Metoyers., c1982. Mills, Elizabeth S. & Gary B. Mills
View Record  975.7 BAL Slaves in the Family., c1998. Ball, Edward
View Record  976.224 SMI Slaves of Liberty: Freedom in Amite County, Mississippi 1820-1868., c1999. Smith, Dale Edwyna
View Record  929.3748 PALMER Soldiers Who Served in U.S. Colored Troop Regiments in the Civil War from Washington County and Greene County, Pennsylvania, c1996. Palmer, Ronald D.
View Record  975.9 AFRICAN The African American Heritage of Florida, c1995. NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference. Colburn, David R. and Jane L. Landers.
View Record  306.3 POSTMA The Atlantic Slave Trade., c2003. Postma, Johannes
View Record  929.3759 MIC The Black Experience in Florida: A Brief Overview of Sources., c1991. Michaels, Brian E.
View Record  973.346 BLACK LO The Black Loyalist Directory: African Americans in Exile After the American Revolution, c1996. Hodges, Graham Russell (editor).
View Record  926.3766 NEG The Negro in the Early Life of Oklahoma - compiled from the "Negro in Oklahoma," Federal Writers' Project, May 1939. Federal Writer's Project
View Record  326 SMI The Seven Steps to Finding Slave Ancestors, c2001. Smith, Franklin C.
View Record  940.544 FRANCIS The Tuskegee Airmen: The Men Who Changed a Nation, c1997. Francis, Charles E.
View Record  929.3744 DORMAN Twenty Families of Color in Massachusetts 1742-1998, c1998. Dorman, Franklin A.
View Record  929.3744 DORMAN Twenty Families of Color in Massachusetts: 1742-1998., c1998 Dorman, Franklin A.
View Record  346.013 SCH Twice condemned: Slaves and the Criminal Laws of Virginia, 1705-1865., c1988. Schwarz, Philip J.
View Record  973.7115 KLEES Underground Railroad Tales: With Routes Through the Finger Lakes Region, c1997. Klees, Emerson C.
View Record  917.3049 BLO Underground Railroad., 1994. Blockson, Charles L.
View Record  973.7415 GLA United States Colored Troops 1863-1867, c1990 Gladstone, William A.
View Record  929.3761 WIL University of North Carolina. Narrative of James Williams, An American Slave, Who Was for Several Years a Driver on a Cotton Plantation in Alabama., c1997. Williams, James
View Record  977.434 MOO Untold Tales, Unsung Heroes: An Oral History of Detroit's African American Community, 1918-1967., c1994. Moon, Elaine Latzman
View Record  929.3738 GOURDIN Voices from the Past: 104th Infantry Regiment USCT Colored Civil War Soldiers from South Carolina, c 2007. Courdin, J. Raymond
View Record  929.3759 STO We Also Came: Black People of Collier County., c1992. Stone, Maria
View Record  975.944 STONE We Also Came: Black People of Collier County, c1992. Stone, Maria
View Record  306.362 JORDAN White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America., c2007. Jordan, Don and Michael Walsh
View Record  929.3 PHILLIPS White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records, c2015. Phillips, Richard Hayes.
View Record  929.3 PHILLIPS Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records (Maryland and Virginia) , c2013. Phillips, Richard Hayes.
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Records: 51 to 98 of 98