Military Actions Timeline

French-Spanish   1565-1567   Florida
English-French   1613-1629   Canada
Anglo-French   1629   St. Lawrence River
Pequot   1636-1637   New England
Iroquois   1642-1653   New England/Acadia
Anglo-Dutch   July 1653   New Netherland
King Philip's War   1675-1676   New England
War in North   1676-1678   Maine
Culpepper's Rebellion   1677-1680   Carolinas
Bacon's Rebellion   1688-1691   Virginia
Leisle's Rebellion   1688-1691   New England
Revolution in Maryland   1689   Maryland
Glorious Revolution   1689   New England
King William’s War   1689-1697   Canada
Queen Anne’s War   1702-1713   New England
Tuscarora   1711-1712   Virginia
Jenkin's Ear   1739-1742   Florida
King George’s War   1740   Georgia and Virginia
Louisbourg   1745   New England
Fort Necessity   1754   Ohio
Anglo-French   1755-1758   Canada
French and Indian War aka
Seven Years War
  1754-1763   New England and Virginia
Siege of Quebec   1759   Canada
American Revolution  
  United States of America
Wyoming Valley   1782-1787   Pennsylvania
Shay's Rebellion  
Aug 29, 1786 -
June 1787
  Western Massachusetts
Northwestern Indian   1790-1795   Ohio
Whiskey Insurrection   1794   Pennsylvania
Quasi-War with France   1798-1800   Naval battles
War with Tripoli   1801-1805   Naval battles, North Coast of Africa
Chesapeake   1708   Naval battles, Virginia
Northwestern Indian   1811   Indiana
Florida Seminole Indian   1812   Florida
War of 1812   1812-1815   United States of America
Peoria Indian   1813   Illinois
Creek Indian   1813-1814   Southern states
Lafitte's Pirates   1814   New Orleans, Louisiana
Barbary Pirates   1815   North Coast of Africa
Seminole Indian   1817-1818   Florida and Georgia
Lafitte's Pirates   1821   Galveston, Texas
Arickaree Indian   1823   Missouri River and Dakota Territory
Fever River Indian   1827   Illinois
Winnebago Indian   1827   Wisconsin
Sac and Fox Indian   1831   Illinois
Black Hawk   1835-1836   Illinois and Wisconsin
Toldeo War aka
Michigan-Ohio War
  1835-1836   Ohio and Michigan
Texas War of Independence  
Indian Stream   1835-1836   New Hampshire
Seminole Indian   1835-1842   Florida, Georgia, Alabama
Creek Indian   1836-1837   Georgia and Alabama
Sabine - Southwestern   1836-1837   Louisiana and Indian Territory
Cherokee Indian   1836-1838  
Arkansas, Carolinas, Georgia,
Oklahoma and Tennessee
Osage Indian   1837   Missouri
Mormon War
aka Missouri Mormon War
  August - November 1838   Missouri
Aroostock War
aka Pork and Beans War
  1838-1839   Maine - New Brunswick border
Dorr's Rebellion   1842   Rhode Island
Mormon War   1844   Illinois
Mexican War   1846-1848   Mexico
Cayuse Indian War   1847-1848   Oregon
Texas & New Mexico
Indian War
  1849-1855   Texas and New Mexico
Utah Indian War   1850-1853   Utah and Arizona
California Indian Wars   1851-1852   California
Rogue River Indian War  
1851, 1853
and 1856
Oregon Indian War   1854   Oregon
Kansas Troubles   1854-1859   Kansas
Yakuma Indian   1855   Oregon and Washington
Klamath & Salmon Indians   1855   Oregon and Idaho River
Florida Indian   1855-1858   Florida
John Brown Raid   1858   Virginia
Utah War
aka Utah Expedition, Utah Campaign, Buchanan's Blunder, Mormon War, Mormon Rebellion
May 1857-
July 1858
  Utah Territory
Civil War   1861-1865   United States of America
Cheyenne Indians   1861-1864   Great Plain Region
Sioux Indians   1862-1863   Minnesota
Fenian Invasion of Canada   1866-1871   Eastern Canada and Manitoba
Indian Campaign   1867-1868   Oregon, Idaho, California
Indian Campaign   1867-1869   Kansas, Colorado and Indian Territory
Modoc Indian   1872-1873   Oregon and California
Apache Indian   1873   Arizona
Indian Campaigns   1874-1875   Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Indian Territory
Cheyenne and Sioux Indians   1876-1877   Dakotas
Nex Perce Indians    1877   Idaho
Bannock Indian   1878   Idaho, Washington and Wyoming Territory
Cheyenne Indians   1878-1879   Dakotas and Montana
White River War (Ute Indians)   1879-1880   Utah and Colorado
Spanish-American War   1898-1899   Cuba
Philippine-American War   1899-1902   Philippine Islands
Moro Rebellion   1899-1913   Philippine Islands
Boxer Rebellion   1899-1901   China
Crazy Snake Rebellion   1909   Oklahoma
Border War   1910-1919   Mexico-United States Border
Negro Rebellion
(part of the Banana Wars)
  1912   Cuba
Occupation of Nicaragua   1912-1933   Nicaragua
Bluff War   1914-1915   Utah and Colorado
World War I   1914-1918   Europe, Africa, Middle East, Pacific Island, China, Indian Ocean, North and South Atlantic Ocean
Occupation of Haiti
(part of Banana Wars)
  1915-1934   Haiti
Russian Civil War   1917-1922   Russia, Mongolia, and Iran
Last Indian Uprising   1923   Utah
Spanish Civil War   1936-1939   Spain
World War II   1939-1945   Europe, pacific, Atlantic, Southeast Asia, China, Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa, Horn of Africa, Australia, North and South America
Korean War  
Laotian Civil War   1953-1975   Laos
Lebanon Crisis   1958   Lebanon
Bay of Pigs Invasion
(part of Cold War)
Vietnam War  
  Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
Korean DMZ Conflict   1966-1969   Korean Demilitarized Zone
Dominican Civil War   1965-1966   Dominican Republic
Cambodian Civil War
(part of Cold War)
  1967-1975   Cambodia
Tanker War   1987-1988   Persian Gulf
Tobruk encounter   1989   Mediterranean Sea
Invasion of Panama   1989-1990   Panama
Gulf War   1990-1991   Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel
Bosnian War   1992-1995   Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kosovo War   1998-1999   Serbia
Afghanistan War   2001-present   Afghanistan
Iraq Invasion   2003   Iraq
Iraq War   2003-2011   Iraq
Intervention in Iraq   2014-present   Iraq
Intervention in Syria   2014-present   Syria
Intervention in Libya   2015-present   Libya
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