Immigration Films

Films on Immigration and the Immigration Experience
  • America, America, 1963 [Greek youth flees Turkey to the USA] Avalon 1990, [Jewish experience in Baltimore]
  • El Norte 1983, [Central America to West Coast]
  • Far and Away, 1992 [Irish class differences in NYC]
  • Gangs of New York, 2002 [Irish immigrants in pre-Civil War NYC] Gran Torino, 2008 [Hmong-Polish/American clash of cultures]
  • Hester Street, 1975 [Jewish in late 19th century NYC]
  • In America, 2003 [Irish family to contemporary New York]
  • Mississippi Masala, 1992 [South Asian immigrants in American South] My Name is Khan, 2010 [Muslim immigrant]
  • Paraiso Travel, 2008 [Colombian illegal immigrant experience to the USA] Sin Nombre, [Nameless] 2009 [Honduran family to the USA]
  • Sophie’s Choice, 1982 [Holocaust survivor in the USA]
  • Stand and Deliver, 1988 [Chicano experience in LA]
  • Sweet Land, 2006 [Scandinavian experience in 1920s Minnesota]
  • The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, 1974 [African-American experience] The Emigrants [Utvandrarna], 1971 [Swedish immigrant experience]
  • The New Land [Nybyggarna], 1972 [Sequel to The Emigrants]
  • The Godfather Part II, 1974 [Italian immigrant experience]
  • The Golden Door, 2006 [Italy to Ellis Island]
  • The Joy Luck Club, 1993 [Asian-American experience]
  • The Terminal, 2004 [E European political refugee in NYC]
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