Youth Genealogy Education

The Lee County Genealogical Society believes in cultivating an early interest in genealogy with today's youth. 

In October 2006, LCGS held a Youth Heritage Fair at the historic Burroughs Home in the River District of downtown Ft. Myers overlooking the beautiful Caloosahatchee River.

Working with many local organizations and individuals, we provided young people with an opportunity to learn about their family history as well as their cultural heritage and how we connect with the world around us.

On this special day both young and old were able to experience an enriching appreciation for contributions of multiple cultures and understood the importance of preserving their own heritage and traditions. Activities included family history learning stations, traditional music, art, dance, food, crafts, storytelling and more in an exciting daylong event.

Since that day, LCGS has partnered with the Lee County Public Library System and held beginning genealogy workshops for Lee County Youth at various library branches. 

Member Ruth Emmel has written Let's Plant a Family Tree. This 72-page book will help young people develop an awareness of who they are, what their heritage is, and how they connect with the world around them. 

Young people will learn step by step about their roots and  how to uncover the stories and events that make them and their families unique. This hands on workbook will help them learn the first steps in researching. Information for purchasing this book can be found in the
LCGS MarketPlace.

Visit our basic youth genealogy how-to webpages to get started.  Check our Links section for safe websites children can visit to assist them in their family research.