High School Youth Award

The Lee County Genealogical Society has established an annual High School Youth Award to encourage students in Grades 11 and 12 to become family historians in order to research their heritage. The LCGS will annually provide a one-time award of $500.00 to the student whose entry demonstrates the best understanding of genealogical research and documentation as evidenced by thorough biographical details and accurate supporting evidence. Consideration will also be given to writing style. The $500.00 check will be awarded 
May 18, 2017.
Applicants must be in Grades 11 or 12 and enrolled in a Lee County, Florida high school program. The entry must be an original unpublished work in English. No original documents or any financial information as source references should be included. The entry becomes the property of the LCGS and will not be returned, applicants should make a copy of the entry before submitting. Entries will not be eligible for later resubmission.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the links provided for guidelines and genealogy references.
Submission Requirements:
  • Entry must be based on applicant’s personal research of a family’s history.
  • Entry must be the original, unpublished work of the applicant.
  • Entry must contain a one page 4-generation ancestor chart with the applicant as the first generation and tracing the direct line/adoptive line back 3 generations. Applicant should refer to the ancestor chart link above.
  • The applicant must select one person from each generation in a direct line/adoptive line from the applicant and submit a printed biographical essay, infographic, or Powerpoint on that person for a total of 3 biographies.  Each biography should include the birth date and location, names of parents/adoptive parents and sibling(s), marriage date(s) and locations(s), divorce date(s)and locations, death date(s) and locations(s), spouse(s), and names of children with pertinent information.  Other related information may include occupation, places of residence, religious affiliation, schools attended, and military service, as well as relevant historical events that may have affected the person. Applicants may submit any combination of biographies; i.e. three of the same kind, one of each kind, etc.
  • Entry must contain a family group sheet for the family of each person selected for a biographical essay. There should be a family group sheet for each marriage if the selected person had more than one marriage. Applicant should refer to the family group sheet link above.
  • If a biography is about a living person, the entry must include an authorization letter signed by the person in which permission has been given to present the information.
Additonal biography guidelines:
Essays should not exceed two pages in length, should be single-spaced with 1” margins and 12 point font.
Infographics should be one page and can be generated on numerous free Internet sites such as easel.ly, canva.com, etc.
Powerpoints should be 5 to 8 slides per biography and should be printed out 4 slides per page.
Supporting Evidence: (NO originals or personal financial information should be included.)
  • Must accompany entry
  • Must be documented. Information regarding proper documentation with selected examples may be found by clicking here.
  • Must identify original sources (book title, author, page number, microform title, number, and repository). Applicant should use acceptable citation protocols:  APA, MLA, etc.
  • May include photocopies from books or microform or documentation of statements of facts from interviews.
  • Documentation of biographical information must be provided on a separate page (no footnotes) listing the sources of documentation following each of the three biographies.  The copies of the supporting evidence should be placed after the source documentation page for each essay.
  • Suggested references for genealogical research may be found by clicking here.
Entry Checklist:
1.  Cover Page
2.  Table of Contents
3.  4-Generation Ancestor Chart
4.  Family information for each selected ancestor (3 sections)
5.  Family Group sheet for each ancestor
6.  Biographies: Essay, Infographic, Powerpoint (3 of any combination)
7.  Supporting Evidence and Source Citations
8.  Copies of photos, documents and other supporting information
Entries will be judged on their adherence to submission guidelines, creativity, content, and correct spelling and grammar.  Entries should not only provide information on ancestor’s birth and death, but also display an insight into the person’s personality, distinguishing characteristics, impact on others, decisions, and other interesting contributions.
► Submission deadline: February 28, 2017.
Technical questions regarding submissions should be directed to Ken Weaver, Interim Education Chair, by emailing him at education@lcgsfl.org or by calling him at 239-243-9414.
Entries may be printed out and mailed to:
High School Award Committee
Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc.
PO Box 150153
Cape Coral, FL  33915-0153
Or they may be converted to PDF format and sent as an attachment to education@lcgsfl.org.