Speakers Notes

The following compilation of handouts and other information were presented by speakers at Lee County Genealogical Society meetings.

All notes are the property of the speaker and are for personal research use only. 
Commercial reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited.


21 August   Jody Riddick Introduction to FamilySearch.org
14 September   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Genealogy in the Clouds
      Cloud Storage Tracking Form
20 June   Dr. Ted Childress, Ph.D. Industrial Revolution
16 May   Joanne Daerr Ryder Timelines
11 May   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Virtual Cemeteries
17 May   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Exploring the 1940 U.S. Federal Census
15 March   LCGS Program Committee
16 February   Dick Eastman To view Dick Eastman's slide show click here.
19 January   Dr. Ted Childress, Ph.D.
War of 1812 - Maps, Historical Dates and Genealogical Resources found in the Lee County Florida Library System prepared by the LCGS Program Committee.
12 November  
Judy Bishara
Carole Troup
Carol Rooksby Weidlich
Family Tree Maker 2012 - RootsMagic4 - The Master Genealogist
10 September   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Tips for Saving and Indexing Documents and Images
16 June   David T. Childress, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History
How Did Our Ancestors Come to America?
19 May   David T. Childress, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History
How Did Our Ancestors Come to America?
14 May   Carolyn Ford The Hows and Whys of
Organizing Your Genealogy Research
17 March   Kim V. Garvey, M.I.L.S. We Are All Atlanticists Now
Immigration & the Atlantic World Model
17 June   Carol Rooksby Weidlich That's Entertainment!
Silent Movie Stars

20 May   Neil Smith Historical Events that Impacted our Ancestors'
Lives and the Records They Generated

Women Activists
21 January   Judy Bishara World War I and Immigration
World War I Era Records
14 November   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Timelines
Using Time as a Tool
18 June   Joanne Daerr Ryder Surname Search
Ya Gotta Think Out of the Box!
19 February   Carolyn Ford Conversations with Carolyn
"If I Had Known Then What I Know Now"
16 October   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Is There a Witch in Your Family?
Victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692
Associated Daughters of Early American Witches
18 September   Carolyn Ford  Ancestors in the News:
 Using Newspapers to Document the Lives of Real People
13 September   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Preserving Family Archives:
Organizing Your Research Materials

Using Favorites for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Home and XP
19 June   Dr. Eric Strahorn Oral History
Oral History and Local History Bibliography

Oral History Association -
established in 1966 to bring together all individuals interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories.
U.S. Army Guide to Oral History by Stephen J. Lofgren
10 November   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Mistakes
The 10 Most Common Mistakes We Make in Our Family Research
Genealogy Memorandum to My Last Will and Testament
18 October    Ken Sonne, Jr.  "Grave Secrets"
Discovering Funeral Home and Cemetery Records 
 17 May    Carol Rooksby Weidlich

Church Records
Part 1 - The Challenge of Church Records
Part 2 - The Challenge of Church Records -
Definitions, Books, and Websites
Part 3 - The Challenge of Church Records - Denominational Archives and Repositories

19 April   Susan Snow In the Law and in Genealogy
Some Evidence is Better Than Others
11 November   Rita Rawlins Records Created by Immigration: 
The Minor Ports
9 September   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Entering Immigration Data into Your Computer Software Program: 
Family Tree Maker
~ The Master Genealogist
Now what do I do with all this information?
19 January   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Timelines as a Tool to Discover Your Ancestor
Timeline Web Sites
    Bryan Mulcahy Timelines 
10 September   Bob Batty
Carolyn Ford
Bibliography - Cemetery Research 
State Libraries and Archives
12 March   Carol Rooksby Weidlich Internet Genealogy: 
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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